Internet is a power. Internet is a whole world. Each world needs it own rules.

Here are my world`s rules:

  • All the information and opinions provides in this blog are my personal experiences and I don`t take any liability if your experiences did not match mine or if your love to Greece is not that strong as mine. Just search for another place to fall in love with. World is big.
  • Provided here information might not be valid after the date of posting as Greece is unpredictable.
  • The links that I put on this blog are aimed to explain some Greek terms or situations or they refer to the resources that are tightly connected to the mentioned term or situation.
  • All the photo and video materials here are created by me (if not stated differently). I have a copyright on them and it`s forbidden to copy, distribute or export them otherwise from this blog. If you really like a photo or video on this blog – please feel free to contact me and ask for the permission. Let`s respect each others creations!
  • The blog is the opinion of the blogger(me), not intended to malign any religion, ethnic group, club, organization, company, or individual, or anyone or thing, especially those with the ability and desire to fight back.
  • I`m responsible for the content on this blog. This blog is a bunch of my own opinions. I`m not responsible for any information provided on the sites I`ve linked to, though.
  • I am not responsible, nor will be held liable, for anything anyone says on this blog in the blog comments, nor the laws which they may break in my country or theirs through their comments’ content, implication, and intent.
  • This blog is not to be taken as fact nor absolute. If someone uses my advice, tips, techniques, and recommendations, and are injured, I am not to be held responsible for that.
  • I am not responsible for defamatory statements mentioned in this blog that are bound to government, religious, or other laws from the reader’s country of origin.
  • Everyone is welcome to post a link to his/her blog, facebook, twitter or other internet space directing people interested to this blog. I`d be glad to see new people reading about my long road to Greece.
  • If somethings, mentioned on this blog, are incorrect or you personally have proven source of information, that provides different information, you can write it in the comment or send me an e-mail and I`ll try to correct it.
  • Other than that I hope you`ll enjoy my Greek adventures. Also I hope I`ll make someone else love Greece as much as I do.
Ειλικρινά δική σας Veronika

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