About the road

It all started in September 2007, when I moved from my beloved home city Riga to Odense, Denmark. This place changed my life. And now you`ll know why..

It was one sunny Danish autumn evening and I got invited for a BBQ. Greek BBQ. To be honest I have never met Greeks before so I had totally no idea how those people are like. But I went. You wanna know what happened? Well.. imagine finding yourself in the bunch of unknown people that scream and shout, argue and laugh, run around and BBQ 😉 It was crazy. At least for me it was. I thought I`d never ever even stand near those people again and there must be something definitely wrong with them. But as we all know, life is sarcastic and unpredictable, so after a while I was saying “malaka“(μαλακα), “nai”(ναι) and “oxi”(όχι), got addicted to frappes and Stavento.

That is how it all started. My greatest passion. My biggest love. My Greek addiction. My long road to Greece.

What I like about this country so much? EVERYTHING!

Seriously. The people are great. I adore my Greek friends! Those people are warm like Mediterranean sea and they smile like sunshine. They walk with some special pride on that land that saw thousands years of history.

The nature in Greece is gorgeous! For me, the girl that was born in the country where the highest peak is 312 meters, Greece seemed like a land of mountains. 🙂 I fell in love with the azure sea and golden sand beaches, with untouched nature and endless blue sky.

Greece has the most delicious food and the most amazing coffee! I could literally sell my soul for a souvlaki (Σουβλάκι) and feta with olive oil. And it took me a while to learn how to drink frappe in 2 hours, not in 10 minutes 🙂

I don`t need to mention the culture here – you all know about it from school lessons and movies. But you know what is great? Greeks enjoy their culture a lot. And if you once are involved in it, there is no way back. Music and dance seduces you with the passion they put into it. You just can`t stop.

You might think “Ok, she loves Greece, but what the blog is about?”. Well, I`ll post my impressions, notes, photos, tips and experiences with Greeks and Greece. You might find here some reviews about interesting places to visit, some things to see, some stuff to try, some music I love, some people I`ve met and some impressions I got.

This blog will have its last post the day I`d move to Greece. So the road would end. It`ll happen one day I`m sure, so just follow my adventures. 😉

I`d appreciate every feedback, advice and idea that you might have about the topic. So please, share it! 🙂

Aγκαλίτσες και φιλάκια!

Tα λέμε!



  1. Cute website:) Now you only need to find a Greek husband so you can move there and live forever in happiness 🙂

    • Thanks Justina!!!:))))
      Wishes do come true, so we`ll see!:)

  2. I m still learning about frappe and i m Greek 😀
    you have a good writing style plus you are writing good stuff about Greece, means i ll be visiting you often.

    Kalo apogevma!

    • Efxaristw!:)
      Nice to hear that some Greeks got interested in this blog 🙂
      Yes, about frappe you probably can learn whole your life :)))

  3. Hi you!
    So good to read something from you, it is like I can hear your voice as you are saying it!
    really good writting style, really like it 🙂 :*

    • Hey dear!!! 🙂
      Thaaaaaanks for compliment! So happy to hear from you honey!
      How are you?
      Hope to see you on this blog again 🙂

  4. Detkaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa,kakaja ti molodec!!!ja tolko sejcas zashla na tvoj sajt!!!net slov!!she has a Greek soul, and for sure her future should be spent under the warm Greek sun :))))
    Good luck,my dear Veroooooooooon!!!! Dreams DO COME TRUE!!!! 🙂

    • :))) Spasiiiiiiiibki Detka!! 🙂 :* :))))Hope you`ll enjoy it too, even though you`re not that crazy Greek fan! ;))))
      Dreams really come true! I know! It`s just a matter of time!

  5. You are Greek Veronikaki mas, cause you already have a Greek family here waiting for u any time :))))))))))
    love u little sister

    • Love you tooooooooooooooooooooo Katerinaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaki!!!

      Very very muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. We love you tooo Veronika….!!!!!! You make us really proud…!!!!!! I still can’t forget your Easter eggs. Imagine, I’m greek and I can’t make them so beautiful…

    • Kouklaaaaaa!!:))) Efxaristwwwwww para polli!!! 🙂 :* I hope one day before Easter I can show you how to make the eggs that way :))) :*

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