Posted by: nikusjka | January 16, 2016

Greek food blog

I don’t recall how exactly I came across this blog and it definitely wasn’t the first Greek food blog I visited, but something got my attention about Maybe it was simple and catchy title; or minimalistic photos; or easy homemade recipes; or something else… but I got hooked 😉 Eugenia does a great job sharing easy and tasty recipes of traditional Greek food.

I was happy to find out that was even nominated for Food Blog Awards 2015 and I truly understand why!

I never met Eugenia (unfortunately), but I hope one day I for sure will. For now I continue loving her food and Instagram photos 🙂

P.S. Just decided to share this with you all in case you are looking for something Greekelecious to cook this weekend!



  1. Hello there! it makes me really happy our roads met, internet is indeed a mysterious place. if you fancy anything special, let me know, I can make it just for you! talk soon x

    • Hello Eugenia! Thanks for reply and congrats once again in the reward 😉 I was looking for a lamb recipe to make at home (not the whole thing obviously), so if you have any ideas would be great! Hope so see you in Athens! Hugs xx

      • Hi Nikusjka, I have a couple lamb recipes, one is fricasee, then of course kleftiko and also exohiko. you can find these here:
        I am have not made the super traditional roast lamb yet – so stay tuned! thanks so much for reminding me 😉

      • Thanks! Looking forward!

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