Posted by: nikusjka | July 5, 2015

Referendum. Greece before and after. 

So today is the day. The Greece day. By now two thirds of the votes are already counted from referendum and show majority of public voted “όχι” or “no”.

What would it mean for Greece? What it would mean for EU? What impact this small word will have in the upcoming days?.. Well, I doubt anybody can answer for sure now. But one thing is sure – Greece won’t be the same tomorrow.

I closely followed all the ups and downs of IMF negotiations with Greece, elections, and before that – the crisis as such for the last 5 years. I must say it wasn’t easy to feel and see how hard it gets for an average person in Athens to live, not to survive. I saw how many Greeks moved to Denmark, Sweden, UK and even Cyprus (and other places I guess). It’s normal too look for better life and future if you don’t see one in your country. But this time it was too much.

What always inspired me in Greeks I have met abroad is their patriotism and pride for their own country! You don’t see it much in many other people who moved away from their homelands these days.

Without a doubt 5th of July will mark an important day in Greek modern history. The only thing that scares me is a thought of how legitimate this referendum really was. By Greek laws citizens can’t vote if they are abroad (holidays, business, permanent residence.. Those Greeks can’t vote e.g at the embassy); if they are away from the place they are registered (were born at). So basically who was voting today? Older generation of people and jobless 25% of youth ? No offence, but how aware, informed, not brainwashed and objective those people are? People whose life depends on social benefits??

I have a friend in Santorini, who works there during the summer season, and you know what? She couldn’t vote today! She is an educated and smart young lady, but today she was unfortunate to have job on an island as she is registered in Athens, and so SHE CANT VOTE (unless she travels to Athens).

I’m sure we can count thousands eligible voters who were not able to participate. So now the question is – how fair are results of this referendum ???

It is just a thought.. But it keeps bugging me. I guess I’m just worried for my lovely country. Worried about tomorrow and upcoming days.

Have a good night everybody! Let’s wake up and see the new Greece. The new Europe.


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