Posted by: nikusjka | July 29, 2014

The best Beach in Cyprus!

As most of you know by now I currently reside on a small Greek speaking island, which claims to be a country on its own, Cyprus. Ok, I stop being sarcastic 🙂 It is actually a nice place if you have discovered some hidden gems of the island.

My biggest wish was always to reach the “tip” of the island – Karpas peninsula (Greek: Καρπασία; Turkish: Karpaz), also known as Karpasia. So when I got a chance and time to make it, I was overexcited. It is rather hard to get there and you can reach the very end only by car, preferably an all-road car. We drove from Nicossia, stopped in Kyrenia for a lunch and continued on the road along the beach. Approximately until the middle of the peninsula the roads are still fine, but the last 5-10km can really give your vehicle a good test. The road becomes narrow, so two cars can barely pass each other, therefore reasonable speed there varies between 20-50km/h. I believe that without a stop for lunch the whole trip from capital Nicossia to the very end of the island might take around 3 hours. Considering the fact that I can drive from the western point of Greek side of Cyprus to the border check point in Nicossia in 3 hours or even less it seems like a lots time for a much shorter distance (as I said it is mostly due to the roads). Although, please, don’t be frightened away by those details, cos the trip is totally worth it!!!

What I like most about Northern Cyprus is that is it much greener than the South Cyprus. Hills and mountains are covered with a good amount of forest and valleys have vegetation and small bushes. You won’t see exactly the same landscape on the South side though. I am still in doubts why is that, so if anybody had a valid idea, please, be so kind to share.

Towards the end of Karpas peninsula you will find a donkey sanctuary. There are many wild donkeys just walking around, but be careful as they might get aggressive in case you don’t have any food with you. 😉

Donkey in Cyprus

But enough with the road. Let me tell you how I found THE BEST BEACH IN CYPRUS!!!

Golden Beach, Karpas peninsula

Golden Beach, Karpas peninsula

It was really love from the first sight. Golden Beach at Karpas peninsula is a perfect mixture between Baltic white sand, Mediterranean azure waters, Asian piece and relaxation. I have seen most of the beaches in Cyprus and trust me this one is really the best! Due to the fact that not so may people finally make it until the end of peninsula, the beach is quite, clean, almost empty. Moreover it is a turtle beach, which means that protected sea turtles nest on this beach. Therefore it is not prohibited to put umbrellas into the sand not to damage the nests.

My advice is to the to Karpas for a long weekend, rent a bungalow from Burhan’s Golden Beach and wake up with this view:

Golden Beach Karpas peninsula Cyprus

Good morning, Golden Beach!

And if the whole article still didn’t convince you, maybe this will 🙂 :

Golden beach girl in Cyprus

Happy me @ The BEST beach in Cyprus

P.s. If you are planning to go there from the southern side and are in doubts where can you cross the border/check-point – just drop me and I would be glad to give you advice 🙂


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