Posted by: nikusjka | December 17, 2013

Koukles club – The Drag show.

Last time I was in Athens, I was taken by my friends to an “interesting”, as they described it, place. On Saturday night we went to “Koukles” (“Κουκλες”) – a bar-club with a twist. A twist is a DRAG SHOW! 

Shocking, I know 🙂 To be honest I`ve never been to such kind of show, so it was double as interesting to see what it`s all about in Athens. Reviews online say that Koukles club is the place to be if you want a good drag show. Apparently it`s one of the best in Greece with some of the most popular local drag queens like Eva Koumarianou,  Mania Lempesi and Tania Keli. By the way Tania Keli (Τανια Κελλη) is truly amazing looking and the way she performed legendary Aliki Vougiouklaki (Αλίκη Βουγιουκλάκη) left me speechless.

When we entered the club (entrance: 10Eur with a drink), I thought it was rather small, but fully packed with people. I didn`t expect it to be so popular.  Nevertheless some of the famous clients of Koukles include fans like Jean Paul Gautier, Patricia Fields, Anna Vissi and their photos are handing on the walls.

All the people who are already excited to visit Koukles, I must warn – the performers don`t sing Live. They dress up, perform, dance, but don`t sing. But besides that it`s great fun and friendly atmosphere. Just stay open-minded and I guarantee you a 2 hour laugh 🙂

It`s located on 32 Zan Moreas street (close to Syngrou Avenue) Koukaki, Athens. Reservations: tel +30 6947557443.

Photos below:


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