Posted by: nikusjka | November 3, 2013

Demetri and Bruno

Today I came across a touching movie, precisely showing a Greek hush reality today. The main character of this short movie is a dog – Thanassis. He represents the Greek nation as he goes from being adopted from the street by a family in Ekali (they called him Bruno), and getting abandoned with the economic  crisis hitting everyone. So he comes back to Athens center and wonders the streets. Thanassis shows us many different places around Athens and, most importantly, people, who tell about their new life inside the economic crisis.

The idea of the movie being explained by filmmakerDemetri Sofianopoulos. He found a very original and objective way of showing a Greek reality through the eyes of the dog.

Sofianopoulos drew the inspiration to use a dog as the film’s main character from Loukanikos, the courageous riot dog that achieved worldwide fame in the 2008 Greek riots. Loukanikos was always on the frontline of protests – and on the side of the protestors.

I advice you to watch the video and you`ll get another view of the situation in Greece, different from what you see on the mainstream news.

Demetri and Bruno. Short movie.




  1. Αφήστε τους θεούς του ελληνικού έρθει και να σώσει αυτό το έθνος!

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