Posted by: nikusjka | October 14, 2013

Greek Mothers.

It`s not a secret to anyone that traditional Greek mothers are overprotective. Sometimes even too much. Of course, things tend to change with time, but even today – traditions take over. Traditional Greek mother is like a han that covers her kids over with wings of care even when they already hardly fit there. For a Greek mother a child aged 5 and same child 25 years later is the same helpless human being that needs to be fed, washed and learned life lessons. I`ve met couple of Greek guys who are a little below 30 still living with their parents. To my question “Don`t you want independence?”, the answer was “Well, but my mother cooks for me, irons my shirts, cleans the house. Why to move?”.

This traditional approach gave birth to many jokes. Today I came across this hilarious video that give you you a perfect picture of a Greek traditional mother!

You don`t have to speak Greek to laugh at it. I`ll just translate the last sentences as those are EPIC:

Son: “yes”

Mother: “Where have you been, my son? We were looking for you for 10 min!!”

Son: “I`m taking shower, mom!”

Mother: “Listen.. DID YOU EAT ANYTHING?”


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