Posted by: nikusjka | August 26, 2013

You know you`re in Cyprus, when…

Scene 1. As usually hot, sunny Saturday. Walking through the Old town of Limassol. Narrow picturesque streets, some tourists with cameras and Cypriots sipping coffee in the shadow of a coffee shops. Suddenly, a Russian pop-song from the early 90-s hits my ears… “Какао ка-ка-о-о-о-о-о”. It`s coming from one of the cafeterias on the Limassol Castle square, probably in hopes to attract some Russian visitors. A song that hardly fits to the scene I`ve described above. This is the moment you know for sure you`re in Limassol.

Scene 2. Got on the bus number 30. A cute Cypriot bus driver, smiling gives me a ticket. A short-talk in Greek and I pass inside to find an empty seat. Blue bus takes a smooth ride along the beach line of Limassol. Just before a big shopping mall the bus driver announces in English: “Next stop – Debenhams” and repeats the same in…. RUSSIAN! Funny-funny accent he has, but he said it! I`m shocked. No Greek, just English and Russian. I know that Cypriots hardly use public transport here in Limassol. But still… Another moment when you`re sure – you`re in Limassol!

Priceless 🙂


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