Posted by: nikusjka | February 11, 2013

Cyprus – Greece or not Greece?

I moved. Imagine? I left my beloved Athens and moved to Cyprus, Limassol. Why? Simple – work. Job offer was too good to say “no” to, so I took a chance. Plus, I was thinking that I`m moving to some kind of Greek island in a way. I was SO WRONG! 🙂

Cyprus is an island country in the Mediterranean sea, next to Turkey, Lebanon, Israel and Syria; smaller than my home country Latvia by population and territory. Most of you probably know that it`s divided in two parts – Turkish and Greek. It`s a long and quite tragic story about how is got divided and why. Look on the internet and you`ll find loads of information from different points of view. Below is just one of the many videos:

In Famagusta, Cyprus

In Famagusta, Cyprus

But enough with the drama. Cyprus today is rather quite and peaceful. If you`re EU citizen you can easily cross the borders in Nicosia (the capital) and experience how one tiny island can be so different.

Cyprus used to be under Brits, so nowadays there is still a lot of British influence, e.g. UK sockets, left-sided driving, English language schools everywhere and an UK military base here in Limassol. Since Cyprus is also well-known as “Tax Heaven”, many entrepreneurs start here their offshore companies and Forex offices are literally everywhere! So another big group of people living on this island are Russians. I`m still trying to get used to Russian food shops all over, adverts in Russian, even Russian radio wave – it`s all here! For me it`s a little too crazy for a place that I considered Greek before I moved here.

Cyprus is considered to be a birthplace of Aphrodite. This beautiful place is between Limassol and Cyprus and if you climb a hill – the view is breathtaking.

Aphrodite hills, Cyprus

Aphrodite hills

Another cool spot I managed to see here already – Cape Greko in Agia Napa. The view from the top is really something worth seeing. As rumors say, Agia Napa is the best place for non-stop parties in Cyprus, so I`m very much looking forward for the beginning of season 🙂

Cape Greko, Agia Napa

Cape Greko, Agia Napa

This is a little from my Cypriot life. So what`s so different from Greece here, you`d ask me? Well, Cypriot Greek has these weird sounds, Cypriots speak with the accent I hardly understand, instead of feta they eat haloumi cheese, people walking on the streets are either immigrants or foreigners, cos Cypriots DRIVE everywhere! Shops are closed on Wednesdays, there is barely any public transport in a city.
I`m getting used, still being very skeptical and missing Athens 🙂 But stay tuned, I`m up for some adventures, I`m sure!



  1. Sounds like you’re having a good time there up til now! hopefully i get a job offer to escape Athens too. in anyways good luck with the dialect.

    • Thanks a lot :)))What job you`re looking for?

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