Posted by: nikusjka | January 11, 2013

Best tiropita (cheese pie)

One of the most traditional Greek things, in terms of food, that you absolutely have to try – is tiropita (τυρóπιτα) or cheese pie!

It`s usually made from layered pastry with cheese inside (the traditional one contains feta, but these days you can find them with different kind of cheeses). Tiropites are sold pretty much everywhere you go. The tough thing is to find a good one.

I love cheese, so tiropita is the first thing I buy, once I`m in Greece. I know several places in Athens that make delicious cheese pies, but the best by far in terms of price vs. taste are made in ” Η Βελανιδια” (“Velanidia”) – a small cafeteria opposite from National Archaeological museum (on the corner of 59 Patision Str. & Marnis Str.). Their pies are huge, tasty and cost only 1(!!!) euro! Coffees are also great there and stuff is really friendly.

” Η Βελανιδια” is a chain of small cafeterias around Athens. They have 8 of them in total around the city in various areas. Just drop by one of them and enjoy a warm tiropita.

tiropita in Velandia Athens

tiropita in Velandia



  1. I would mention spanachopita (σπανακοπιτα) as well!
    Just stand in contrast, as pretty much everything in Greece – if you are not very happy with one thing, you have a choice of another one, similar to previous ))

  2. […] for sure find shop, selling “pites” – pies. There are all kind of pies: with Greek cheese (tiropita “τυρόπιτα”), spinach (spanakopita “σπανακόπιτα”), ham&cheese (zabonotiropita […]

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