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Neos Marmaras. Why to go or not to go.

Somehow I ended up in Halkidiki peninsula. Neos Marmaras town to be precise. How? Long story and not entertaining at all, so I`ll leave it aside.

The fact is that I`m in a village in the northern Greece with a little more than 2.000 inhabitants. Too bad I came here so late, because in summer the population is 10 times bigger due to tourism. Peninsula Halkidiki has 3 “legs”, how they call them here. I`m on the middle one – Sithonia. Generally from what I`ve heard before, Halkidiki is a great holiday place with clearest water and nicest beaches. Well, it`s true. The sea is really clear here! After I`ve visited many beaches in Attika and islands, I thought I`ve seen it all. But no. Here the sea is like a tear of a baby – that clear! Just standing in the Neos Marmaras marina I saw different kind of fish, sea urchins and a jelly fish (first time in my life!!!).

Jelly fish neos marmaras 2012

Jelly fish 🙂

But the tourism season is almost over by now, so the town became very quite. Even though the hotel, where I work is full, there are not so many tourists left. Most of the people coming here are from Serbia or Hungary. I also saw signs in Russian. Once even, while buying an ice-cream, sales girl straight away started to speak Russian to me. I try to speak Greek here, but they all look at me, like I`m crazy.

Before it started to rain, 3 days ago, I was going to the beach. It`s nice, white sandy beach and quite long coast line. All around there are mountains and forest – perfect place for recreation holiday.

Neos Marmaras beach 2012

Beach at Neos Marmaras

Maximum 20 minutes walking (2km) from the center of the village along the beach there is a huge hotel resort – Porto Carras. I have just managed to walk around the facilities, but as I`ve read from the website there are bars, cafeterias inside. Outside you can enjoy swimming pools, beach bar, marina, shops  and some of the hiking tracks begin here. There is a hourly ferry that for 2.5-3eur will take you from marina of Neos Marmaras to Porto Carras marina.

Marina Neos Marmaras halkidiki

Marina Neos Marmaras

Marina Porto Carras Halkidiki

Marina Porto Carras

It`s beautiful place, but not for a young person. The night life is dead. Well, some can argue, but for my standards it is dead. No clubs, only several bars, some tavernas and that`s about it. The worst part is that there are no young people what-so-ever! Well, if I`d be Greek, I`d also probably move from a village to Thessaloniki or something…


Go to Neos Marmaras, if:

  1. you`re not up for nightlife, but just for a quite vacation on the sandy beach.
  2. you like forest, mountains, hiking, sea, boat trips.
  3. you speak Russian, Serbian or Hungarian (you don`t need English or Greek here).
  4. you plan your trip between end of May and end of August.
  5. You don`t care that your freddo espresso will be made from instant coffee.

Don`t go to Neos Marmaras, if:

  1. You are young, party person, looking to have a best summer of his/her life in Greece (I`d suggest you much more appropriate places for that).
  2. you like clubs, bars, lights, junk food at 4 a.m and be taken home by taxi.
  3. you have no idea about Russian, Serbian or Hungarian language.
  4. you`re planning a trip in early spring of from September on.
  5. you like tasty coffee and you like it to be made RIGHT!


Enjoy Neos Marmaras 🙂



  1. Βερονικούλα σου εύχομαι ό,τι καλύτερο! Καλή αρχή στη μικρή αδελφή της Ελλάδας που πρόσφατα μετακόμισες.

    • Euxaristw Xristo mou!!!!!:))))

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