Posted by: nikusjka | September 8, 2012

BRETTOS in Plaka – the most colorful bar in Athens!

If you`re walking in Athens in the Plaka area, you probably won`t miss a bar full from top to bottom with colorful bottles on the shelves. This is “BRETTOS”.

brettos in plaka athens

I`ve passed it too many times until last week we decided – we finally have to go there! You can easily find it at Kidathineon 41 Street in Plaka, Athens. When you enter it, it`s not big, but, surprisingly, can fit about 20-25 people inside. The first thing everybody does – looking around at all the different bottles. All these are Brettos-made liqueurs and the tastes vary from pomegranate to apple, mint to masticha. All together 36 tastes. Brettos also has traditional Greek spirits, brandy, wines, beers.

The story of this unique bar started in the 1909 by a founder Michael Brettos. If you`re interested in some more historical fact about this bar, visit they homepage: BRETTOS.

I`ll just say that when you enter Brettos, you feel entering a piece of history. A very cozy and welcoming history. With tasty drinks and friendly talks. So, if you`re in Plaka, don`t miss the “colorful bottles”! 🙂



  1. […] Trivia: Started in 1909 by Michael Brettos, it claims to be the 2nd oldest distillery in Europe  Another traveller’s tale here. […]

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