Posted by: nikusjka | September 3, 2012


It`s impossibly beautiful! It`s beauty is dangerous. People might get carried away after watching a breathtaking sunset; the moon, so bright, it leaves a silver road on the sea surface; caldera and aquamarine sea.Santorini 2012

People say that if a couple visits Santorini, they either will get married or will break up. Now I understand why. If you both are on the same “wave”, you enjoy emotions at their highest and feel them both – you`re perfect. Santorini is very generous for emotions. Volcano`s fault probably. So if one of the couple feels something more than the other – it shows! It shows here!

It`s also hard to be in Santorini if you`re single! You see couples literally everywhere! It`s like Paris, but worse, cos it`s an island and you can`t escape.

How Santorini looks like? Well imagine a Grand Canyon in USA filled up with salty sea water. That`s exactly how this island looks like.

Santorini 2012 Caldera

Santorini nowadays exports two things – fava and wine. Consequently they have many wineries that you can visit. And fava is great here! Try in one of the local taverns!

Santorini looks like semi-small island by day, but by night with all the lights it`s almost like Athens – so bright!

Please, don`t be afraid after all of above! Come here! It`s a gorgeous place where the best view is…. EVERYWHERE!!! It`s so picturesque, makes it a perfect spot for photography. The sea is great here, like in most of the Greek islands, but be prepared to see black-stoned beaches, instead of white sand. Volcano`s fault again!:)

Santorini 2012 Firostefani


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