Posted by: nikusjka | July 2, 2012

Greek soul or how me and Tommy Lee feel the same!

I just came back to Athens from a short break at home in Riga.
DAMN, I MISSED ATHENS!!! I really really missed it!!! This sun, the smell of the air, orange trees under my window, people speaking this amazing language, mountain view out of the metro window, guys looking at me and smile I have on my face, when I am here! FEELS LIKE HOME!

And even though as far as I know there is no Greek blood running in my veins (which I already start to doubt), I feel Greek soul inside of me. I feel this place. It makes me ALIVE!!!

I`m not the only one. Tommy Lee, a former husband of Pamela Anderson, is half Greek. Recently on his facebook page he released a manifesto describing the reasons why he is a proud Greek. To be honest I think I saw it before somewhere on the internet (or a similar version), so I doubt his copyright, but it doesn`t make this text any less valuable and inspirational for everybody, who has anything to do with Greece!

Because we are a small, poor country full of people with big hearts
Because we never visit anyone empty-handed
Because there is no way to tell foreigners the word “Kapsoura” to properly (burning desire for someone)
Because there is still something valuable in Greek families
Because we always do, even if at the last moment
Because we were slaves for 400 years, but never take this as an excuse for our current state
Because we are scattered all over the Planet
Because we have the word “filotimo” (Honor for his friend?)
Because foreigners, if they can not find a word, use one of our
Because we share our problems and bad times with our friends and family and not with psychiatrists
Because Socrates, Plato and Aristotle were Greeks
Because we invented theater
Because we gave birth to democracy
Because we discovered logic
Because we made the start in the science
Because we are proud of our culture, not our war
Because when we started to make the Parthenon, the others still slept in trees
Because we have all these lights, which have made efforts to create peace through war
Because we see a difference between “eros” (in love) and “Agapi” (Love), while we feel both passionately
Because Eros was a Greek God
Because we gave the curse “Freedom or Death”
Because we already woven leash than any other are still attracted to wolf skin
Because “Greeks do not fight like heroes, but heroes fight like Greeks” (Winston Churchill, 1941)
Because we gave our ancient alphabet to the Romans and our Medieval alphabet to the Slavs
Because we are not ashamed to cry
Because we dance when we are sad
Because we work to live, not live to work
Because 97% of the star names are Greek
Because if we ‘brother or cousin “on the road every scream turns
Because our churches are not dark inside full of special lighting
Because our parents do not forget that we exist when we are already 18
Because if we want to get a sun tan, we go to the beach
Because we confront every difficulty with humor
Because the Olympics were born in Greece
As we unite with our Olympic light the world and send the message of peace
Because our sky is blue white
Because 40% of the Oxford dictionary consists of Greek words
Because we know what “Kefi” (joy in the fun?) Means and how to live it.



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