Posted by: nikusjka | May 14, 2012

Olympiakos Piraeus Euroleague 2012 CHAMPION!!!!!

Yesterday I was in Piraeus and I couldn`t help it wonder – what was that fans noise coming out of the all bars in the area….
Turned out it was final basketball game of Euroleague  between CSKA Moscow and Olympiakos Piraeus 🙂
I`m not too much into basketball, but when the city was  not sleeping the previous night, screaming and throwing petards – it was clear – OLYMPIAKOS BECAME A CHAMPION!
Congrats guys!
If you are interested to read some more about how did the game go, here you are:

Olympiakos Beat CSKA Moscow Moskow with 61-62 and is replacing the team of Panathinaikos from the Top position of the European Basketball! The Greeks are here! the Greeks against all odds against the budgets of the other teams against the doubts and against everything won the European title and proved once more that the Basketball is in the DNA of the Greek people! 

And here is a video of the last, most important shot!!


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