Posted by: nikusjka | February 13, 2012

Riot in Athens 12.02.2012 – morning after the war

The parliament approved the austerity plan last night.

oxi allo sosimo or no more saving, Athens, Greece

"No more saving"

The next day after the riots last night in Athens (12.02.2012) I went to the city to see what was left and what`s not.

The city was full with reporters, journalists from abroad and also just Greek people going around with cameras and taking photos of

burned cinema athens Greece 12,02,2012

Burned cinema

what burned last night after the “war”. Next to Panepistimio metro station was a burned bank and the cinema, that was a historical place there. Besides just around the corner, on Stadiou street the big house burned down almost completely. The 2nd floor fell down and even today there was still smoke coming up and firefighters were trying to help it.

A lot of shop windows` glass everywhere (at least the companies making the windows will earn some money) and burned smell covered Stadiou street.
Surprisingly Syntagma square was looking like almost nothing ever happened there. First time I thought that it`s good it is covered with marble, because apparently only this building material is prepared to hold thousands of people,” molotov`s cocktails” and other burning and exploding stuff.  There were some damages on the sides of the square and the metro sign was down, but to be honest after yesterday I was expecting Syntagma to look much worse.

syntagma metro sign, athens, greece, 13.02.2012

Metro sign at Syntagma square

More photos under cut —->

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