Posted by: nikusjka | February 12, 2012

Strike in Athens 12.02.2012

Today history is made!!!

The parliament is suppose to vote for the austerity measures package tonight. The ministers are in the parliament building at Syntagma square. They are advised not to leave the building for their own safety.
There were thousands of people protesting against them today in the center of Athens.
It appears to be the biggest and wildest strike Athens have seen so far! I was there today until 8pm or so… I have never seen so many people in one place in my entire life! And it was no ordinary strike! You could find all kind of people there: from a men in a  wheal-chair to a young kid!  The metro was going out of schedule every 2-3minutes and all the trains where packed with people. I couldn`t get on the 3rd coming train even, they all were full, bringing people to Syntagma square earlier today.
I came home smelling like tear gas and burned trash. I saw marble rock flying, drums bumping, trash burning, people screaming, fore rockets exploding. It was moving, awesome, crazy and unbelievable. But appears that the main part takes place at this moment.
There is a bank building burning on Stadiou street, next to Syntagma. Thousands of people  are still next to Syntagma square and King`s gardens.

You can see the live-stream video here: and

Read the tweets from Syntagma square:!/search?q=%23syntagma

Sofia Thesspirit

We don’t know where to go. They are hitting from all 4 corners. Its impossible to breathe. #12fgr#syntagma

At this moment (00.00 am 13.02.2012) Skai Tv reported that 54injured  people were brought to the hospital, several building in the center are burning, including Starbucks coffee shop, old cinema and banks.

the flag of hope during riot in athens 12.02.2012

the flag of hope. Athens, Greece. 12.02.2012

strike Athens 12.02.2012 syntagma square.JPG

burning trash during riot in athens 12.02.2012

strike Athens 12.02.2012

Riot next to Syntagma square. Athens, Greece. 12.02.2012


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