Posted by: nikusjka | October 25, 2011

“Eimai stin Ellada” – We are in Greece

OMG! Guys, I`m sorry for posting this, but I couldn`t hold myself :)))) I still don`t know if I hate this video or love it, cos it`s true true true, but the guy is just soooo crap 😀 The singer, So Tiri (aka Billy Anastasiou), and his song “Eimai stin Ellada” (“We are in Greece”) was featured on Mad TV and the song produced by Hefty Kid Entertainment. I guess the guy lives (or lived) in US.. But he is great in making fun of Greek pop songs 🙂

I just found another his video – “Feta kai Psomi” (“Feta and Bread”). How much more funny-ridiculous his sings can get????:)) I was laughing for 10 minutes :))


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