Posted by: nikusjka | October 21, 2011

Greeks passed austerity law. Riot on the streets!

While yesterday, 20/10/2011, the Greek government approved new austerity measures in order to get another package of financial help (8 billion euro loan) from EU, the streets of Greece where full of people protesting against it. New cuts include the suspension of 30,000 civil servants by the end of the year, a 20% cut in pensions and a lowering of the tax threshold on salaries from €12,000 (£10,500) to PIGS countries€5,000. People say “dramatic”, government says “necessary”.

The protests have gathered at least 70,000 people on Syntagma Square in front of parliament in Athens. It was probably one of the biggest and craziest protests in Greece since the crisis started 2 years ago.

While Greece is struggling through riots, Germany and France are fighting to agree how to pull Europe together. Read more here.


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