Posted by: nikusjka | October 5, 2011

Greek bananas or bananaless Greeks?

Guys, I just run into this article this morning and I`m still trying to figure out how true or not true it is. So please, don`t hesitate to leave any info about the subject in the comments!

greek banana

Greek banana

Barry Newman (staff reporter with The Wall Street Journal) made a trip all the way down to Greece to find out about… BANANAS. Yes, yes, you read it right, yellow, shiny and tasty bananas. Apparently Greeks struggle to import proper bananas and smuggle them from everywhere they can. At the same time there is this Cretan banana farm in the village of Arvi, where Greeks cultivate this fruit and sell it around. The problem is that due to the climate those bananas are twice as small and twice as less tasty as the bananas we are use to.

It`s a really interesting research I think and I never knew anything like that about Greeks šŸ™‚ I mean, when I was small, bananas were something very rare and precious. But I was born under the covers of Soviet Union, so we had nothing imported, only illegally smuggled. But Greece??

Here is the article itself, so give it 5 minutes to read and I hope you won`t go bananas after :)))



  1. Greek bananas are reletively small, but do have a great taste, because they ripen on the banana plant itself, and not at their journey from South America to Europe.

    • Yes yes this is true! So see the Cypriot bananas too!!

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