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rakomelo gkazi athens

Drinking rakomelo in Gkazi, Athens

If you ask me to name on Greek traditional drink, that I like the most, I`d say rakomelo (Greek: ρακόμελο). Why??? Cos it`s sweet and tasty and you can drink it both: hot and cold.

Basically it is made from raki (Greek: ρακί) and honey (Greek: μέλι) adding spices like: cinnamon, cardamon or some other regional Greek herbs. Instead of raki, tsipouro can be used as well, which is very similar. Raki or tsikoudia (Greek: τσικουδιά) comes from the island of Crete in Greece and is a grape-based spirit. It has a strong taste and alcohol content is about 34%. But it`s Greece and in many villages people home-produce raki and than the alcohol amount can vary a lot 🙂

But lets get back to rakomelo. Once me and my friends decided to make our own, so we did 🙂

How to make rakomelo at home for two people:


  • 500ml raki or tsipouro
  • 6 tbsp of honey
  • 2 cinnamon sticks
  • few cloves
  • fresh juice of half of the lemon

2. Put everything is a small pot or better in briki and warm everything, without boiling the ingredients, on a gas stove.

how to make rakomelo at home ingridients

How to make rakomelo at home. Ingridients.

3. When the honey is melted and the drink is warm, take it from the stove and serve in the small (shot) glasses. Else you can cool it and serve it cold.

The best places to go for rakomelo are tsipouradika (Greek: Τσιπουράδικα). I`ve been to a very nice one in Gkazi in Athens called “Gazochori” (Greek: Γκαζοχωρι). The address is Dekeleon 8 Athens and it`s next to metro station Kerameikos.



  1. […] raki boiled together with honey). Sit in any of the places and for 6-8eur you`ll get a 300-400ml of rakomelo that you`ll drink in shots with your friends. Fancy wine? Order inomelo – wine boiled with […]

  2. I was looking for definition of rakomelo to add to my blog, and I found you instead! Thanks for this post. 🙂

    • Glad you did :))))) make it once on a chili evening with your friends and I guarantee a cozy, great evening 🙂

  3. […] found a recipe from a co-WP […]

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