Posted by: nikusjka | September 9, 2011

Greek taxi – truth and myth

They are everywhere. The taxis I mean! 🙂

So there is no need to know any number to call a taxi in Greece. They`ll find you, trust me. Sometimes I even wonder how they make

Greek taxi in Athens (Kifisia)

Greek taxi in Athens (Kifisia)

money driving in almost people-less neighborhoods. You can stop a taxi just by raising your hand, if you see one driving with the meters flag (the thing on the top of the taxi) lighted.

In many guidebooks you can read that Greek taxi drivers are rude and cheaters! Well, it MIGHT be true, but apparently either I`m very lucky or if you are a cute girl speaking basic Greek – taxi drivers turn into talkative, nice humans and will tell you best life stories you`ve ever heard!:) NB! So my advice is to use couple of basic Greek phrases to break the ice and after they might even talk English to you! 🙂

I listened to most incredible life stories a taxi driver in Athens can possibly have. For example,  once I drove with a guy, who got his degree in chemistry from a university in Austria, lived and was married in USA, and now he is back to Athens to work as camera man on MEGA TV channel and in his spare time – driving a taxi! How is that? 🙂

NB! Greek taxis are often on strikes, so check it before staying out late 😉

Here you can find some taxi fares and here you can check for strikes and demonstrations.

Enjoy the ride!





  1. loved this post : )

  2. Taxi drivers usually hit on women, regardless of whether you speak Greek or not

    • :)))) Haha funny conversation!! I bet those things also happen all over, but maybe I was just lucky 😉

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