Posted by: nikusjka | April 7, 2011

Weird Greeks

Greeks are weird people. They are ready to live long-term in one room with other people to save money for rent while abroad (I`d scream for privacy after 2 weeks and no money would matter). At the same time they buy plane tickets a week or even less before the trip, like they have all the money in the world! Everybody knows that booking in advance (2-4 weeks) gives you opportunity to save money and sometimes a lot! But Greeks.. No, they don`t care 🙂 They book a week or few days before and who minds, right? 🙂 Once a friend of mine answered my question about this issue like this: “Yes, but how can you know so far ahead?? It`s impossible to plan!” Irony? No, reality!!! 🙂

Greeks can`t be stopped from going out! Illness, work, studies, homework, crisis…. Nothing! Nothing will keep them inside for more than 3 days and leave them without another frappe or beer. They`ll find time and ways even if they don`t have them, trust me! 🙂

Greeks hardly can`t be stopped from eating meat. And bread. And olive oil. That`s just historical. Seems like no matter what is cooked (in olive oil) for dinner will contain big amount of meat served with lemon and bread.

Greeks are vampires! Greeks can`t sleep with any light coming into the room 🙂 The producers of sun blocking night curtains and night window shutters probably make the most money out of the Greek market. And ok, I understand when you put those in Greece, where sun sometimes really is too bright, but abroad??? Any Greek apartment or room here in Denmark is equipped with something (sometimes with the most impossible things) to cover the windows from the sun. And here is not so much sun generally, so people try to get every bit of it, but not Greeks. I have a friend and his window is ALWAYS covered! Literally! He doesn`t care if it rains or sunshines outside! 🙂

Gossiping – is a national hobby in Greece! Especially if you are in a small town or village – you can be sure that everybody will know what you did, with whom and how many times 🙂 I`m not saying things are this way only in Greece (people like to gossip, cos it`s human nature), but Greeks love to talk and what can be more exciting than to talk about somebody, m? 🙂

Greeks are horrible organizers – full stop. To be more true I`ll mention that northern Greeks are s little bit better in this in comparison with people from south or islands. But still. Give two Greek 3 days of holidays in a European capital and they`ll spend half of the time in cafeterias and the other half trying to organize a trip/excursion/visit to some sight! :)))) Ok, there are some exceptions, but admit it, my dear Greek friends, isn`t it true? :))))

I`m not generalizing really, but just summing up examples I had in front of my eyes for the last 3 years.

weird greeks in copenhagen nyhavn 2011

Greeks in Copenhagen

P.S. Greeks are lovely people even with all the weirdness 🙂



  1. One comment from a Greek…
    We are not weird…but just FREE SPIRITS…no commitment is freedom.but when our freedom is been taken away..then we do have a plan…thats it… to get our FREEDOM back 😉

    • That`s an interesting approach 🙂 I didn`t think this way actually 🙂 thanks! and that`s probably a thing I try to learn from Greeks – go where you like and you`ll live the best life ever 🙂

  2. Oops !
    Hooked. A Greek teacher caught the Greece-addicted girl with the Greek soul gossiping in public.I am afraid I have to give you a mark my dear…
    Well,excellent goes for the well-meaning gossip writer.
    Hope you are keeping well,I am just joking darling..My advice is : Keep from Greece only things you really like.
    All the best

    • Thaaaaaaanks!! I really appreciate the humorous feedback :)) and I try to keep and adapt only the things I love! So far so good :)) and it`s cool to notice things that others don`t see! Stat tuned and maybe I find some more weird Greek stuff!
      Take care! Filakia

  3. Cool effort but i got point out that your first 3 lines are so highly debatable
    and questionable.Including the scream part 🙂

  4. Haha! I’m Norwegian, and when I first came to stay in Greece for a while, I was highly offended that my Greek friends couldn’t just say “Yes” if I asked them to meet for a coffee “the next day”. “We’ll see”, was the answer, “let’s talk in the morning/the afternoon”. Later I discovered it’s just about the Greeks’ need for no plan to hinder their freedom. And we always went out for coffee “the next day” anyway 🙂

    • haha:)) I`m glad I`m not the only foreigner noticing it:))) that`s so trueeeeeeeeeee!!!

  5. Hallo! How sweet and how nice of you you like my homeland so much! I wish all your plans will go your way …all the way to Greece!
    ( i live in Norway and my Norwegian friends – at least most of them, have learned not to ask what time- espesially when invited in our home, the know they can come whenever….i think they like it! my husbund is Norwegian and just loves all this greek weirdness!!! )

    • I`m so glad to hear that :)) and I think Greek weirdness is what attracts other people the most :))))
      I`ve never been to Norway, how do u find it? 🙂

      • i love Norway! is my home. Norwegians have a lot of weirdness they too…
        the seasons here are amazing and the cold is something one gets use to : )
        ( while learning to use the proper clothes!)

  6. one comment just to realize 100% of the Greek psychology, and how friendships are here… I saw that at facebook the other day and it cracked me up, and it is so true… “A normal friend calls before he come to your home, but a GREEK friend comes to your home and says “I am here!” “

    • Haha good one!! thanks!!!! :))))

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