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Rous (R0us)

rous at stavros tou notou 2010

Rous at "Stavros tou Notou", 2010

I realized that I haven`t written anything about Rous concert that I attended on 1.12.2010 at “Stavros tou Notou” venue (Frantzi & Tharipou str.35 – 37, Neos Kosmos) in Athens. Rous was giving a series of four concerts from 24th November every Wednesday until 15th of December. I was so glad to get on one of those performances as I love the band very much. Since I heard their probably most famous single “Eksaireseis” (“Εξαιρέσεις”) that got popular after Jumping Fish Festival in 2009, I was following Rous musical life. They managed to release a debut album called “(+)(-)” in 2010 and even to play at Megaro Mousikis (Vassilias Sophias & Kokkali) venue on 4th of February 2011, which is quite huge concert hall of Athens.

If you Google “Rous” you don`t get any substantial info (especially in English) about the band, besides dozens of videos from concerts, fan photos and their facebook and myspace accounts. So let`s gather everything I could find about them.

Behind ROUS stands Giorgos Georgiadis (Γιώργος Γεωργιάδης) who is a founder of the band, its voice and a guitar. He plays together with:

Nikos Haniotis (Νίκος Χανιώτης) – bass guitar

Stavros Goulidis (Σταύρος Γουλίδης) guitar

Stavros van der Wilt (Σταύρος van der Wilt)percussion instruments

Makis Konstantis (Μάκης Κωνστάντης) – drums

On their myspace page Rous states that the genre of the music they play is Acappella/Rock. Basically I`d say that he managed to create a unique kind of music on today`s Greek music scene.  Rous combines rock and folk influences in a raw, personal sound, sincere and unaffected, brought to the stage in fascinating arrangements and passion towards what they are doing.

Giorgos Georgiadis was interested in music since he was little. Nevertheless he left to study television and film production in Italy. There he began to write songs on regular basis and started to sing in the local bars. Giorgos abbreviated name of his father (Roussetos) with his name and called him Rous. By his return to Greece he was already quite popular on the Internet and continued to discover the e-media opportunities. The real break-through was in October 2009 when Rous as a band participated in Jumping Fish Festival after which the song “Exceptions” (“Εξαιρέσεις”) became a hit. After a while they made a video on this song.

And how did I like the concert? It was great!

You can really feel when the musician puts his soul inside the music and than the goose bombs hit you with every note of the song. I hardly know the translation of the lyrics, but I know most of the words by heart. Rous music is a unique kind of rock for me and I absolutely love it as he sings about things important in the every day life, he sings about things that everybody of us felt of saw. That`s why Rous`s music is so understandable, close to the heart and vibrant.

So finally some of my photos from ROUS concert on 1.12.2010 🙂

Rous live at Stavros to Notou 2010

Rous live at "Stavros to Notou"

Rous live at "Stavros to Notou", 2010

Rous live at "Stavros to Notou", 2010

Rous live at "Stavros to Notou", 2010

And Rous has a great BLACK guitar 🙂

Rous live at "Stavros to Notou", 2010

Rous live at "Stavros to Notou", 2010



  1. i really like them too. thanks.

    • 🙂 I`m glad! Have you been to the concert?

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