Posted by: nikusjka | January 18, 2011

Periptero – Greek kiosk

Note 3. Periptero

Everybody should be noted that in Athens they give you a free straw when you buy a beverage in the periptero! Where else they gonna do it?? I personally think that Greek consumption of straws in the biggest one in Europe just because every day millions of them are used for countless coffees, cold drinks and cocktails.

By the way, for those who are not familiar what “periptero” is, I`ll explain.

Periptero is a Greek kind of a small kiosk and I don`t know any other country where these exist with the same concept, variety, opening hours and in the same amount around the country. Peripteros exist all over Greece and not only in big cities, but even in small villages (there are more than 18 000 kiosks around Greece). The size of the kiosk is regulated by law and is only 1.3×1.5 meters. Nevertheless the variety of things you can purchase there is huge. You can buy cigarettes, sweets, postcards, chewing gum, key rings, maps, cookies, crisps, cold drinks, beers, public transport tickets, ice-creams, phone cards, newspapers, magazines and much more. The owners of the peripretos are very innovative when it comes to making the most out of such a small business unit. They put fridges for drinks and food outside, mobile stands for postcards, books and magazines on the sides and in the end the periptero actually occupies almost a double amount of pavement`s space.

To understand the importance of those small kiosks for an average Greek and the economy in general you have to know that:

annual combined turnover of peripteros` is 7 billion Euros, a sum which makes up 3.5% of Greece’s GDP. And the average daily turnover of a single one amounts to 1500 Euros.

Those are amazing numbers for such a small business, but apparently peripteros are extremely popular among Greeks. During my times in Greece I used to praise peripteros, because sometimes they really safe your life when it`s late, everything else is closed or there is just nothing else around.

If you are inspired to become rich and open your own kiosk – beware! License is needed to operate one and those are strictly limited to victims of war, disabled people or families with many children as state support for life.

Periptero Athens Greece

Periptero in Athens, Greece



  1. Just read your periptero piece, excellent. I live on Rhodes and threw a link to your piece into my latest post:

    • Hey!! Thanks :))) Nice to know that even people from Rhodes read me 🙂 By the way I have been there – gorgeous island!!

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