Posted by: nikusjka | January 15, 2011

Loufa kai parallagi: Seirines sto Aigaio – love story after the movie

Have you seen “Loufa kai parallagi: Seirines sto Aigaio” (in Greek “Λούφα και παραλλαγή: Σειρήνες στο Αιγαίο” and in English “Loafing and Camouflage: Sirens in the Aegean”) movie? Here is a trailer:

The movie tells the story about Greek soldiers that were sent on a mission to a remote island close to the border with Turkey. They notice and stop a Turkish boat with 3 top models, camera man, Pakistani immigrant, small orphan girl and a Kurdish man. Movie is full with Greek-Turkish jokes and argues and, as you can imagine, romantic stories between Turkish models and Greek soldiers. Their dialogues are extremely funny because those happen in basic English, but still are full with Greek humor.

Here how Greek guys pick up the girls on the islands :)))) Flirting is Greek national hobby, so beware!!:)

I saw the movie couple of times, but today I discovered that the most gorgeous actor in the movie got married with the cutest actress of this movie. 🙂 Yiorgos Seitaridis (Γιοργος Σειταριδης) and Tugce Kazaz (Tuğçe Kazaz) got married!!! According to Wikipedia, Turce met George while acting in this movie and “she converted to Eastern Orthodox Christianity before her marriage to be of the same religion as her husband, an act that caused some negative reaction in her country. Later, she declared that she was a Muslim, Christian, Buddhist at the same time because she believed that all religions were the same.She also said about her change of religion “only God can judge me”.” That`s what love does to people 🙂 I seriously envy her, cos Seitaridis is handsome, but they make a cute couple.

Tugce Kazaz and Giorgos Seitaridis

Tuğçe Kazaz and Giorgos Seitaridis

UPD. After 3 years of marriage Tuğçe Kazaz ended it, went back to Turkey and even went back to being Muslim!.. She also left smoking, drinking and partying.


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