Posted by: nikusjka | January 15, 2011

Amazing Athens metro

Note 2. Athens metro

I`m amazed.

The public transport tickets in Athens cost 1 Euro and are valid for 1.5 hour since the moment you stamp it in a special machine. So as I experienced myself, sometimes it takes you less than 30 minutes or an hour to get to you final destination, so basically you throw away the rest of the times your ticket is still valid for. But I forgot that I`m in Greece and here people are amazingly imaginative when it comes to abusing the laws and rules šŸ™‚

So I sit down on the metro station Kerameikos, waiting for a friend and what I see? Some people leave their used tickets on the way out on the handles of the escalators or some other even come to people and give their tickets to other people going into the metro!!! So no time is thrown away, some people helped others and others saved some money!! Amazing! Great, helpful people! This I call “society” from the LatinĀ  word “socius” – companion!

Athens metro

Athens metro


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