Posted by: nikusjka | January 7, 2011

Athens memories

I`m back to Copenhagen from Athens.

I`m still getting used to the cold weather and shitty food. But ok, let`s be positive, right? 🙂

So to keep this blog alive, I`ll be posting notes from my Blackberry phone I made during those 3 month I was in Greece this time. Whenever I felt something I wanted to remember, I wrote it down, so it`s time to show those notes to public.

Note 1. Athens.

It`s impossible city. The bus stops are impossible to find, their location is hardly accountable to any logic and I still haven`t found the source to look up the bus routes. On the weekends you have to guess their timetables and wait, wait, wait…

On the other hand I was always wondering how they keep the streets so clean. The marble streets are shining on the sun and look like polished nails of goddess Athina. Don`t know why many people say Athens is a dirty city, because it`s much cleaner than many other capitals. But today I probably discovered the secret. I saw a man washing the road in front of his restaurant with brush and soap!!! And the other day during the night I saw a machine washing main square with water and brushes! This I call keeping your city clean! :))

I`m still amazed that you can actually see priests walking on the streets, taking buses and metro, shopping.. Also keeping you religion is something I really like about Greeks. It`s cute to see half of the people on the buss to cross fingers every time when passing the church.

And this picture I took last year in Keratea was published on Breathtaking Athens site! I was soooo surprised and so excited! :))

Kid dressed as a tiger at Keratea carnival, Greece 2010

Kid dressed as a tiger at Keratea carnival, Greece 2010


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