Posted by: nikusjka | December 6, 2010

Riots in Athens in memory of Alexandros Grigopoulos

Protesting youths rioted in central Athens for more than six hours today 6th December, a memorable day, attacking police with rocks, flares and petrol bombs. Today is a 2 year anniversary since the policeman killed a 15 year old boy, Alexandros Grigopoulos, in the center of Athens in the are of Exarchia. The policeman, Epaminondas Korkoneas, was life sentenced after a long trial earlier this year.

Here are some photos from the riot today, 6.12.2010. And the full article can be found here.

The funny thing is that I was out with a friend of mine very close to the place where all the riots took place – few streets away from Panepistimou! And earlier around 17.00 I was shopping at the main street, next to Syntagma, the main square. The only difference was that shops were empty – but still open!!:) Only when I was trying to get home I saw that streets were pretty much messed up, bus stations burned down, trash bins burned and smashed, traffic lights were crashed and the metro didn`t work. This is an amazing thing about Greece – the riot can take place just right behind your back, but you can continue your daily life if you don`t feel like participating!:)

And here is the photo I took in Exarchia, the anarchic district of Athens. People named the street where the boy, Alex, was killed after him.

Alexandros Grigopoulos street in Athens

Alexandros Grigopoulos street in Athens


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