Posted by: nikusjka | October 22, 2010

Jumping Fish in Athens

Today I went to the “Jumping fish” festival.

"Jumping fish" festival in Athens, Greece

"Jumping fish" festival in Athens, Greece

Last year one of my currently favorite bands – ROUS – got popular there. So I went to check out new Greek music rising stars. We missed “His majesty the king of Spain” and “Trap”, so if anybody has any opinions about those bands – let me know.

But we were just on time to see “Travel Mind Syndrome” that I heard so much about. The band turned out to be quite creative with their style. I also liked that the bass guitarist was a girl and it added some more charm to their performance. Generally I liked them very much! Passionate performance, good front man`s voice and interesting music compositions. Under cut you can see a small photo summary of their concert.

The other band playing tonight – The Radio Dept – are from Sweden. As I study in Denmark I`m curious about all the Scandinavian things, so I was excited to hear what they`ve got.

So it was a trio that consisted of a singer, guitar player and another guy, who (as I suppose) was responsible for background music, mixes and sound effects. The first thing you notice when the band come on stage – 2 out of 3 guys have this funny 60`s mustache. Moreover the singer was holding his guitar so high above the normal level, so I even started to wonder how he`s gonna play. But that`s where they say that the music makes a musician… The Radio Dept have a particular style of music but it gets you into the beat and your legs start moving. Most of the songs I actually even liked. Don`t know if I`d buy an album or so.. but was fun to listen them live. Nevertheless the crowd didn`t let them go, until they came back and sang one last song again 🙂

After the concert I got to know that The Radio Dept are performing since 1995 that makes them a very mature band.. Was surprised by this fact to be honest 🙂

Here are some photos of their performance. I liked the guitar`s silhouette so you will see some dark pictures as well.



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