Posted by: nikusjka | October 15, 2010

Living in Athens

How Athens is treating me?? Well, probably good!
Why probably? Because the last couple of days it was raining a lot (and it is in the middle of October when I still expect sun). At least today it`s sunny and warm and if the weather will keep smiling and shining tomorrow I`m gonna go to the amusement park in Athens – Allou Fan Park! Looking forward to it very much also because I`m going with one very special person. šŸ˜‰

Athens is on strike again. Every week there is at least 1 day when you hardly can get around the city, because the train, bus, tram or something else is on strike. These days even the Acropolis employees decided to close the most important and famous sight in Greece – Parthenon! Yes-yes, the guys just closed the gates and the police couldn`t do anything. They say several museums and historical sights will be randomly closed until their claims will be satisfied. I don`t really care, because I`ve been to most of those places, but imagine if you`re a tourist and you come to Athens to see Acropolis and you CAN`T! You can`t go there because it is CLOSED! It`d be horribly disappointing to be honest….

So Athens still is a fun and unpredictable city.

Yesterday I had a dinner at the Roof Garden restaurant in the Grande Britagne Hotel. Last floor, amazing food (Mediterranean cuisine), very satisfying service (helpful and smiling Greek people), countless number of wines brought there from every part of Greece and the world, and, of course, the fantastic view over the Syntagma square and Parthenon. It a pricey place, but trust me of you want to treat yourself – probably it is one of the best place in Athens!

Keep smiling! šŸ™‚


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