Posted by: nikusjka | September 22, 2010

Work in Greece or why Greeks don`t like to work

Today I felt like I discovered the essence of life. I realized why Greeks don`t like to work. Not like they don`t do it – of course, they do. But if they have a change to escape – they will for sure!

So why, in comparison with Germans or any other Northern nations, Greeks appear to be lazy?

BECAUSE there are so many other interesting and amusing things to do and to see in Greece (wherever city you go), so even the most interesting work seems boring!

That is that simple! 🙂 In Greece you have gorgeous weather, people, food, coffees, places …. and it appears to be wasteful to spend time working instead of enjoying all of this beauty!

I`ll be a philosopher one day:))) xixi!

Kalo vradi!

lykavitos sunset athens

Lykavitos in the sunset


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