Posted by: nikusjka | September 4, 2010

Greek yogurt

If you are in Greece you should start eating like Greek, because it`s a shame to miss all this delicious variety of dishes this country has to offer.

So let`s start with breakfast. Usually I eat yogurt for breakfast, so in Athens I had to discover a local alternative for my usual morning meal. And here I found a Greek yogurt! 🙂 Greeks use it a lot as base for their favorite tzatziki dip and as a desert with honey, sour cherry jam/syrup (it`s truly delicious with cherries!!!) and etc. I also like to put on top some crashed waffle or crispy bread to go with it. Greek yogurt also perfectly goes with pita bread or other kinds of bread. Traditionally Greek yogurt is made from sheep`s milk, but for mass production today mostly cows milk is used.

I bought “Total” brand of yogurt. It`s nice and creamy, made from cow`s milk and has 10% fat. Now it`s my favorite breakfast 🙂

Greek yogurt with waffle sticks and wine

Greek yogurt with waffle sticks and wine - my evening desert

Greek yogurt Total

Greek yogurt Total


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