Posted by: nikusjka | May 15, 2010

Greece, crisis and people.

Probably the country that is discussed the most the last months is definitely Greece. “Crisis” and “Greece” are the two words that you can see in the headlines of the most European media every second day. Why is that?

As an economic crisis started to hit harder everybody started to talk about PIGS countries (Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain) as those were the ones having the biggest external debt and the highest economical downturn. So now everybody has to cut in every possible area in order to meet EU budget limits and.. to SURVIVE. Yes, yes, survive. Sounds dramatic, but something has to be done in order to stop the system that is ready to blow up.

Greece haven`t had such critical times since the Greek Civil War 60 year ago. Therefore a new generation of Greeks were brought up in the positive conditions of booming economy times. That is why for them it is probably even harder to accept what is going on now (I feel the same even coming from Latvia where a good life started after USSR broke down and finished with the crisis). But the fact is that there are thousands and thousands of people out there on the streets of Greece (not only in Athens) striking and rioting, trying to give the message to the government: “We are not going to pay for your luxury life and endless spending!”

To be honest after reading some articles on BBC, the Economist and Telegraph it feels like Greek people are really desperate and I truly understand this. Just take a look at the video under the link here –> video. One of the most touching quotes I read was:

My five-year-old daughter wants to have a sister. I was planning to do so but now I am afraid. I don’t know if my husband will have a job from September. So I don’t know if I can have another child.” (Despina Koutsoumba, Greek civil servant).

I mean seriously, how much harder it can get?

Germany is blaming Greece for “living beyond their means for years have fuelled inaccurate perceptions abroad that this is a nation full of idle playboys and party animals.” On the other hand everybody tries to support Greece and some quotes like this:

“If I owe 100$ to a bank, I have a problem. If I owe 100.000.000$ to the bank they have a problem… As we (Greece) owe 76bil to France, 45bil to Germany and 15bil to UK, i am betting my ass they will not let us default!” (φίλος μου Mr.Stavros 🙂 )

just prove me right. 🙂

What is going to happen next in Greece??Well, BBC correspondents offer 5 scenarios (read more here), like abandoning euro, paying the debt, tax reforms and few more. Meanwhile  the Greek government answers to strikes by “naming and shaming doctors alleged to have avoided paying taxes.” So now there is a “war” between government trying to stop the corruption and Greek people, who do not want to see more salary reductions and pay for the debt, they never saw coming, as they never saw the money IMF gave to Greece.

P.S. I just hope for the summer tourists that will bring a lot of money to the Greek economy again and the things would get better. So buy your ticket to Greece now!:) Most of my Greek friends look forward to this summer, so it should be fun and cheaper than last year 🙂 Don`t miss!:)

Greece summer beach 2010

Greece. Summer 2010.


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