Posted by: nikusjka | March 16, 2010

Greek business

I`m studying marketing, so yesterday in order to make this week`s group case work for my college we had to visit the company we are going to write about. The Marketing manager of the company was giving the presentation about the company, products and giving some examples how the business works.

The funny part happened when he started to share some negotiating experiences he had in different countries and what cultural difficulties he was facing. Stories about Chinese where amusing enough, but than..

So the story goes like this: this manager, lets call him Thomas, went to Greece to negotiate a deal with a Greek buyer.

He was there already for 2 days trying to close the deal, but the Greek guy was pushing the terms all the time, was trying to lower the price and was really getting on Thomas`s nerves. Greek was all the time intending to pick up a fight, but Thomas was staying calm, even though it cost him a lot of effort to do so. Anyway on the 3rd day of negotiation and after another “push” from the Greek buyer, Thomas was desperate and just yielded at his customer. After this.. you can`t imagine 🙂 Greek guy became calm and they closed the deal in 5 minutes. Now they both are good friends.

After the presentation I was still confused about this story… I know a lot about Greek character and passion, but this.. got me in the corner and I couldn`t really understand why the screaming technique worked so good.. After asking my Greek friends and a teacher at the college, here are the explanations what I was given:

Greek explanation: The Greek guy just got respect to the Thomas. He saw he has “balls” and that it is worth to deal with him.

Teachers explanation: Greek guy just wanted to get the best deal and was trying to figure out the limits. So after Thomas yielded at him, he understood that was it, he won`t give him better deal and he should settle for this.

Either way it was interesting experience and now I know for sure how to make business in Greece 🙂


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