Posted by: nikusjka | February 26, 2010

“Greece is a poor country full of rich people” BBC

“Greece is a poor country full of rich people” – I have always agreed 🙂

But seriously, if you compare the average life of a Greek person and things he/she has to my home country for example… All the Greeks I know have a family house (not a flat, but a HOUSE!), a car (maybe more than one) or motorbike, have money to spend on numerous everyday coffees, get 14 salaries a year and they still complain! 🙂 This all does not mean I blame them for something! Absolutely not! From my perspective it was just always a bit funny to listen how those people, while having all those materialistic things, still are not happy with that.

Today I was wondering around BBC News website and found some extremely interesting reading! As many of you heard today one of the main talks in EU are about Greek economy. Read this article on the link below about Greek tax system if you are interested. It also get you into some things about Greek mentality.


And again the whole Greece have risen against Germany. The Focus magazine posted a cover with Aphrodite showing a middle finger as an illustration of resistance of Greek government to take action in order to cut more on wages and other resources in the country. This, of course, couldn`t go away unnoticed. Greeks answered with protests and

“Greek Deputy Prime Minister Theodoros Pangalos has accused Germany of failing to compensate Greece for Nazi occupation during World War II.”

well.. we`ll see how the argument will go.


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