Posted by: nikusjka | November 19, 2009

I miss Greece

I didn`t really had much time to write here recently. I was really busy with my studies and work. Nevertheless I managed to meet one very nice Greek couple! Stefania and Antonis are the sunshine of the bad danish days for me here. They come from Crete, but Antonis is half-Islandic! Imagine? 🙂

I really miss Greece all the time. By the way if anyone has any contacts in marketing, tourism or other similar areas please let me know! I have to internship starting around July/August 2010 and of course I`d be extremely happy to go to Greece! So please if anyone who is reading it can give me any valuable information – I`d be so thankful!

So that`s all for now. Here are some of my photo-memories from Rhodes. Enjoy.



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