Posted by: nikusjka | September 9, 2009

ELLAS or Greek restaurant in Copenhagen

Not a big wonder that even in Copenhagen, where I moved 2 weeks ago, I managed to find Greeks. 🙂

Last week I was wondering around the streets of Danish capital and saw the restaurant named “ELLAS” that of course grabbed my attention. The weather wasn`t the best, so I decided to go inside to drink a frappe. The interior was very nice with lots of details and pictures, reminding you of cute Greek daily views. After ordering a coffee I got into the conversation with the bartender, who turned out to be half Greek and half Danish guy. From the conversation I learned that this restaurant is owned and run by Greeks, who lived in Denmark for quite a long time. The place opened its doors to the customers in 1994.

As I came there alone (and drinking your coffee alone in Greece is not possible), so soon guys invited me to join their table. That evening I got to know around 7 new, interesting Greek people, from restaurant`s bartenders to the cooks and owners. They offered me food, drinks and we kept talking all together until it was late. This is what I call “Greek hospitality” and this is why I love Greek people. It was amazing time and the place is really great! It`s cheap for Copenhagen to eat there and the food is thousands times tastier than in most of the Danish places.

Today I passed by “ELLAS” again for a coffee and they were so glad to see me again! And I was glad spending time there too.

So if you`re in Copenhagen – take a change to enjoy Greek warmth in the middle of the rainy capital. Here is their website – “ELLAS”. It`s very easy to find the restaurant from the most popular Nørreport Station – just turn to the Fiolstræde 21.

Kali Oreksi 😉



  1. mhhh great story!

    • 🙂 It is 🙂 Come here – I`ll take you there, darling!!:)):*

  2. “ELLAS” for ever! Nikusjk nice post!

    • Thanks ;))))

  3. Hello Christo, Hello Desperado, hello Hellas! See you soon in Febrouary 😉

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