Posted by: nikusjka | August 26, 2009

Making frappe or Greek coffee manual

One of the things that most Greeks can`t live without is frappe.

Frappe is a type of foam-covered ice coffee, invented in Greece by Yannis Dritsas (representative of Nestle company) in 1957. It is made from instant coffee, water and ice cubes. You can add sugar and milk if you like. It is extremely popular in Greece and some other southern countries.

When I was styuding in Denmark all of my Greek friends brought a jar or frappe coffee and mixer for it with them from Greece. They were drinking a lot of this coffee and I really can`t imagine Greek people without frappe now. There I fell in love with this drink and now I always bring one can of coffee for myself from all my trips to Greece.

If you come to Greece, especially in summer, you`ll see many people in every cafeteria drinking different kinds of frappe. You can order it as you like it most: plain (“σκέτο” – sketo), medium sweet (“μέτριο” – metrio), sweet(“γλυκό” – gliko), with milk (“με γάλα” – me gala).

You can also try the latest invention of coffeemakers – fredo. It is more like simple ice-coffee or with a milk foam on top (fredo-cappuccino). It is very tasty though :).

So today I decided to tell you how to make a frappe. I took photos, while my dear Greek friend Aspa was making a morning coffee for me. I`ll explain every step, so follow me. 😉

Step 1. Take a glass. Yes, frappe is always served in a glass, not in a cup! 🙂 Put 2 spoons of coffee (you can put more or less depending on how strong you want it and how big is your glass). Add sugar if you like. I prefer to put 2 spoons of coffee and one spoon of sugar to make medium sweet (metrio) frappe.

Making frappe

Add coffee and sugar

Step 2. Add a little bit of water just to cover the coffee and sugar and a bit more. Preferably take cold and still water.

Add water

Add water

Step 3. Take a mixer and properly mix everything in the glass. You can take any mixer. There special ones made for frappe (like ont he photo) or even there are special shakers. You can use any of those tools. The point is: you need to mix all the ingredients until the moment when you`ll see firm, light brown foam in the glass.



Step 4. Add ice 2-4 ice cubes.

Add ice cubes

Add ice cubes

Step 5. Add more cold water until the glass if full.

Add water

Add water

Step 6. On this step you can add milk if you like. Put a straw into the glass.

Add milk

Add milk

Step 7. Enjoy your home-made frappe! 🙂 Drink it slowly and take a glass of water with it, cos it`s a strong coffee.



As you can see it`s not hard, but it`s very tasty, especially on a hot summer day. You can spend hours and hours drinking one glass of coffee, while talking with your friends and sharing your great experiences!

If you have other recepies or stories about coffee – please comment! 🙂

UPD.: I found one of the place where you can buy frappe on the internet – click here.



  1. i love frappe and your blog 🙂

    • Efharistw Vaggeli mou!! :))

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