Posted by: nikusjka | July 7, 2009

Greek timing or Throw away your watch

Most of the people, who get in touch with some people from southern countries find it difficult to get used to the different time frames those people use. Most of the Greeks, Spanish, Italians and etc expect people to be late for meetings, late for activities, late with the deadline and late, late, late…

Once I needed to wait for an hour for Greeks, who told they gonna come for a coffee to my place, and after 30 minutes I thought they are lost or dead. Seriously! In my culture would be normal to be late 5-10 minutes, or after I`d call and say the reason I`m late. I was worried and when after 1 hour they showed up happy and relaxed – I was shocked. And the main thing – they didn`t understand why I was stressed so much!

The other test I made – I asked around 10 Greeks if they know the English word “punctual”. Guess the result? 1 out of 10 knew it. And they even had troubles translating it into Greek just because they simply don`t really use it. Do you see the trend? 🙂

It took me time to get used to the “not limited time”. I got it completely the first time when I went to Greece. There you understand why those people are like this and aren`t different. And the worst thing (or maybe the best) – you can quickly adapt to their lifestyle! Why? Because it`s happy!:)

Throw your clock away! You wouldn`t need it in Greece. Everything is not really limited… you drink coffees for hours, you sleep until you wake up, you meet your friends (and everyone is late for those meetings anyway), you don`t make plans, you go out.. Do they work? Yes they do! But slowly 🙂 You don`t need to hurry – you have your whole life! Enjoy the moment!

And you know, maybe this is one of the factors that makes those people happy? And I learned from them not to stress about the things I used to worry before. There is not much sense in biting your nails because of the deadline (you still have enough time), or the things you can`t change (well, just relax than), or the things you wish for to happen (they will happen – just don`t think of it too much)… Personally for me it works. It makes my life easier, happier and safes my nerves. 🙂

P.S. I still keep some of my punctuality. Just in case. Just not to be late for my next plane to Greece. 🙂


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