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Greek Food

One of the greatest pleasures if you are in Greece definitely is food.
All those souvlakia, fasolakia, tzatziki, tiropita, moussaka, kalamari, octopodi, soutsoukakia, baklava and, of course, feta cheese and olives are not just strange names for some southern food. No. Those are delicious peaces of their culture that just can`t be misses!

The real Greek food is only in Greece and it just can`t taste the same way anywhere else. At least because of the ingredients: tomatoes that are full of sun, bread breathing marine air, feta melting in your mouth, sea food straight from the water, sweets covered with the sweetest honey.. Those things just can`t be replaced. That`s why, in my opinion, all those tourists sitting in their all-inclusive hotels and eating European breakfasts miss an enormous part of their Greek experience.

Greek food in taverna in Xalkida

Greek food in taverna in Xalkida

I love feta and truly think that it is one of the greatest food inventions. The real feta obviously can be found only in Greece and if you want to buy one in your country – look for the name and the producer country. By the EU law the name “feta” can be used only for sheep-milk cheese produced on the Greek territory and nowhere else. All the others “salad-cheese”, “Greek style cheese” are usually made from cow`s milk and have different taste.

Greek salad

Greek salad

Greek sweets are very different from the ones you probably will try in northern or central Europe. There is not much chocolate in them, but instead they are full with honey, nuts, fruit, syrups, nougat and some milk creams. Those little pastry bites are very sweet and you hardly can eat more than 3-4, but there are horribly tasty! Yes, horribly, because you just can`t stop eating!:)

Greek sweets

Greek sweets

One more important thing about Greek food, that is definitely worth to come here for, is the sea food. Like every country that has great access to the water, Greece makes use of the given opportunity. Everywhere you can try some sea food dishes. Especially on Greek islands I`d advice to try it, because siting in the taverna, drinking retsina or ouzo, eating some kalamaraki and watching sea and the sunset… Trust me, only few thing in the world can be better than this!

Sunset on the beautiful Rhodes island

Sunset on the beautiful Rhodes island

I hope you enjoyed this tasty post! Stay with me and you`ll know a lot more!:)




  1. Im from United States and i explored every part of world believe me.and another thing that u should believe me is that there is nothing called greek food,the things they eat or sell are all fake and taken from other countries like Turkey,Macedonia,Albania etc. they just know how to advertise them and they use the benefit of their being in EU thats all….

    • Well, I wouldn`t agree.. The cousine of countries you`ve mentioned is similar – true, but every has it`s unique approach.
      And I`m not talking about some promoted food or brand. The true Greek food you can try while visiting some Greek family, where you`ve been invited as a dearest friend. And don`t say me you didn`t like it? 🙂 Than we`ve just seen different sides of the subject probably!

  2. yes everywhere they taste in some different ways,but i dont like the way that they claim some food as their owns,such as baklava or the thing thats rolled in green leaves(forgot the name).its nice that u made such a good blog and i dont have any problems with greeks but they must claim the things which they really own.for example souvlaki is greek ok,but how can baklava or the other stuff be greek as everybody knows that they are anatolian originated.

    • “the thing thats rolled in green leaves(forgot the name)” – Dolma (Dolmade).
      Well.. with baklava.. The history is complicated and Greek Lands were for long time taken by Turks for example. Of course it influenced the cuisine and no only obviously.
      And the other things: people claim to be something their traditional if they`re used to eat it (drink it, have it) for several generations. Here is an example:
      in Latvia (were I come from) we claim that one of our traditional dishes is fried sausages with sour cabbage and potatoes. No one argues. But recently I`ve met some German people and we found out that Germans claim it to be one of their traditional dishes too. And maybe it`s also a sequence from the history – Latvia was occupied by Germans, so maybe for this reason we have similar cuisine. So what should Latvians do now? I suppose nothing 🙂

  3. Hi! Very nice blog, fell across it while searching for the receipe of mpaklava.. hehe. You are very good at explaining and I like Greece, been there a dozen of times like any other Dane. There is nothing better than the Greek summer!!!!
    Well I also agree that culture is always a work in progress, but I think you are wrong in claiming all that dear Nikusja. I can read that you have been in Denmark too, so tell me one thing: In Denmark we traditionally eat a lot of potatoes, but in the recent years pasta has topped that. You could say for the past 100 years, Danes have eaten pasta, but that doesn’t give me the right to claim that pasta is indeed DANISH food. that would be ludicrous!

    Just because other nations brought it to a country, doesn’t mean you can call it that country’s! Look at the Mc Donald’s invasion. Just because you have a Mc Donald’s in Latvia and many people eat it, doesn’t mean it’s Latvian food, does it? Get your sources right .. please ..Nikusja. And don’t be biased like that..

    Here are some sources

    Tzatziki :


    Take a tour around Balkan and the middle east and it will change your view. You will be surprised how much the Ottoman Empire has influenced its surroundings. Not saying I don’t love Greece and Greek people – I absolutely do!

    • Nice to hear from you! Thanks for sources.

      Yes, that`s what I was talking about. Greek dont claim that mpaklava is their invention, but they just make it and like it. And of course Greek cousine was influenced by Balcans, but Greece doesnt need to “steal” dishes from anywhere… they have too many really traditional food themselves. They have dishes that can be found only in Greece, or only in that region of Greece.
      I agree that mpaklava is not the best example of Greek food. But it`s tasty anyways :))))

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