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Two of the most favorite things that Greeks really love are music and dancing. They dance when they are sad and when they are happy. They dance when they are young and when they`re old. They dance with the soul and I believe it makes their life more colorful.

The songs in Greece are basically about tree things those people are the most passionate about: love, politics and history. It`s hard for foreigners and non-Greek speaking people to understand the lyrics and the meaning of the songs, but trust me it`s worth an effort. For this purpose – get a Greek friend and ask him or her to translate to you some of the traditional songs. You`ll discover much more about the culture and the way Greeks see the life and they`d be glad to help you here.

Greeks are the party people and they definitely know how to spend a nice evening. Bouzoukia is a very traditional thing. It`s a kind of a night club that features Greek urban folk music. The name comes from the traditional music instrument – bouzouki. The typical performance at bouzoukia includes a singer (or several singers) and musicians. The people sit around the stage, smoke, drink, enjoy and throw flowers at singers. The last thing is definitely worth attention. While the singer is performing, people throw carnation blossoms on the stage to show that they like the performer and to show their respect to him. The flowers can be bought from the girls that walk around the club with the plates with blossoms on them. If the singer is good and well-known, then the stage looks like a flower carpet after a while and it is really impressive. It`s strange for tourists, but is a tradition in Greece. Before 1970 Greek were used to throw plates to the singer`s feet but then it was forbidden by law, because could cause injuries.

The atmosphere in the bouzukia is amazing and if you find Greek music nice than you`ll definitely love this place. In the end everyone gets on the stage and dances and for me it was unbelievable experience. We went to one of the big bouzoukia clubs in Athens – Rex (Panepistimiou 48, Athens). That day there was performing one of my favorite singers – Giannis Ploutarxos. He`s really great, so if you are around and have a chance to listen to him – go!

Giannis Ploutarhos performance at bouzoukia in Athens

Giannis Ploutarhos performance at bouzoukia in Athens

Carnitions on the floor at bouzoukia in Athens

Carnitions on the floor at bouzoukia in Athens



  1. […] main plot, movie gracefully takes you into Greek everyday life with its dancing, singing, culture, bouzoukia and language. For example the way Ilya interprets famous Greek tragedies and ads a happy ending to […]

  2. The fortunate despite the financial difficulties that lead to impasse is that the Greek people are in nature have fun and really the last thing to be cut by the Greek people will be the nightlife in bouzouki that was not always affordable by everyone but always were full of shops and had nice program and ongoing.

    • Yea that`s true!! Life enjoyment is something you can`t take away from Greeks and that is an amazing quality I love about those people and this country:))

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